4 Signs You Need A Medical Grade / Cosmeceutical Peel

Signs You Need A Medical Grade / Cosmeceutical Peel

Medical Grade / Cosmeceutical Peels can do wonders for your facial appearance; it’s an excellent way to refresh, rejuvenate and reveal new skin. The benefits are amazing and include prevention of premature aging, stimulation of cell renewal and detoxification, all that can result in smoother, softer, and even-toned skin. Is it time for you to come in for this treatment? What are the signs you need a Medical Grade / Cosmeceutical Peel?

Spot Them Early: Signs You Need A Medical Grade / Cosmeceutical Peel

Sign #1: Skin Texture Concerns Specifically Dry, Rough Skin

The skin has the natural ability to shed. In fact, new skin cells develop every 28 days during the teenage years. However, as you age, it may take twice as long for the skin to go through the new cell development cycle.

Dead skin cells quickly build up creating a dry, rough feel and making skin look dull and unhealthy. Peels speed up the cycle of shedding and help remove the dead skin cells, giving you more visibly plump, moist skin.

Sign #2: Sunspots, or Skin Pigmentation

Melanin is a protective pigment found in the skin that determines your skin colour. Over time, the cells that make it, can become damaged and affect melanin production and distribution. Because of this, exposure to the suns’ UV rays can make your skin more vulnerable in producing unsightly dark spots.

Although sunscreen with SPF can help prevent further pigmentation, a Medical Grade / Cosmeceutical Peel targets areas with visible sun damage for more even-toned skin.

Sign #3: More Noticeable Wrinkles and Fine Lines

The decrease of collagen production and loss of skin elasticity causes fine lines on the skin; this happens as we age. Facial creams and over the counter medications may not be enough to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Peels promote skin regeneration and stimulate collagen production, giving you a more radiant look and feel.

Sign #4: Acne, Recurring Blemishes and Scarring

Although teenagers are the most commonly affected, adults can also experience chronic, recurring acne. The saying ‘prevention is better than cure’ holds true with acne. Breakouts occur when bacteria start forming as dead skin cells clog the pores or when the sebaceous glands produce excess oil.

Peels have active enzymes that exfoliate and act as a deep-cleansing agent to target the root of the problem. Peels also help reduce the appearance of scars caused as a result of severe acne.

Is Your Skin Ready For A Medical Grade / Cosmeceutical Peel?

When your skin starts to present these signs, it’s your body’s way of showing you that it needs help to get back to a better condition. A Medical Grade / Cosmeceutical Peel may the much-deserved treatment that heals, pampers and rejuvenates your skin. Our medical professionals will recommend the peel that will help you achieve the best results possible for you.

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