Common Skin Concerns In Spring And How To Solve Them

Skin Concerns In Spring

“Out with the old and in with the new.” — this is what Spring is all about. It’s time to leave behind the cold winter weather and get ready for warmer temperatures and the outdoors. Overall, this season is almost perfect, except for some skin concerns in Spring that you may experience. Here are some of them.

3 Common Skin Concerns in Spring and How to Solve Them


Spring brings quite a change to the weather and the surroundings. If you’re suffering from Eczema, these changes may cause more flare-ups. The season can also increase your exposure to common irritants such as:

  • Pollens
  • Hot weather
  • Sweat
  • Mould and fungi
  • Humidity

A good moisturisation ritual, topical and oral medication may help alleviate the symptoms. Since Eczema flare ups can be extremely itchy, it can cause continuous scratching to the point of breaking the skin, and eventually producing scars. The K-Laser Treatment can help significantly reduce the appearance of scars as it delivers high-quality results for skin and tissue therapy treatments.

Acne Breakouts

Pimples can pretty much appear during any season, but Spring’s rising temperature causes increased perspiration and can give acne-causing bacteria a field day.

Make sure you wipe off excess sweat with a clean cloth or wipes and hit the shower after a day out under the sun. You can also use cleansing products with an acne-fighting ingredient like salicylic or glycolic acid.

For reducing the appearance of scars due to severe acne, you can speak with our medical professionals about having Medical Grade / Cosmeceutical peels. It has active enzymes that function as a deep-cleansing agent to target the root of the problem.

Dull, Rough, Dry Skin

It’s quite common to have lacklustre skin heading into Spring. The transition from cold weather to warm temperatures can take a toll on your skin – from your face, arms, legs and back.

Regular moisturisation at home can help bring out your skin’s natural glow. Exfoliation is another way to shed off dead skin cells to give way for new skin cell development. For a more optimised result, Medical Grade / Cosmeceutical peels can help speed up the cycle of exfoliation.

Treatments For Skin Concerns In Spring

Make the most of Spring by paying attention to your skin. Enjoying the warm weather, the sun and the outdoors shouldn’t compromise the care your skin deserves.

If you see persistent symptoms or skin concerns in Spring, find a CST clinic near you, so you can speak with our medical professionals. They will conduct an in-depth consultation with you and can recommend a cosmetic injectables treatment plan tailored for you and your needs. 

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