Top 4 Skin Problems For Men

Top 4 Skin Problems For Men

True or false? Women are the only ones susceptible to issues with their skin. The answer – a big False! When there’s a lack of proper care, skin problems for men will inevitably develop. To keep the largest organ of the body in tiptop condition, the gents should also pay close attention to their skin.

Top 4 Skin Problems For Men

Oily skin

Men having oily skin comes as no surprise as their sebum production is naturally higher than that of women’s. Sebum is a substance secreted from the sebaceous glands (a gland underneath the skin), and it’s vital for skin hydration and protection.

However, overproduction of sebum causes oily skin, among many other conditions. Humid climate and dehydration can cause the sebaceous glands to produce too much sebum as well.

Eye bags

Since most men don’t wear makeup, there’s no way for them to conceal their dark undereye circles. Eyebags can make men look tired, withered and older than their age and can significantly affect their self-esteem. The condition can be caused by a variety of factors including, lack of sleep, poor diet, dehydration, sun exposure and the natural aging process.


Contrary to popular notion, teens are not the only ones who can have breakouts. It can happen to people in other age groups too. Men, having active sebaceous glands, can see pimples popping out at any age. Contributing to factors that cause acne are unhealthy diet, dirt that accumulates from sweat after working out, poor skin cleansing habits and dirt debris becoming trapped inside the clogged pores.


Overexposure to the sun’s UV rays causes premature skin ageing. Those men who love being outdoors or have occupations that require them to be under the sun are at risk of developing what is commonly known as sunspots, liver spots or age spots. These are small, flat dark areas on the skin, usually seen on the face, hands, and arms.

Unfortunately, unprotected UV exposure not only leads to accelerated skin ageing; it can also increase the risk of developing skin concerns such as melanoma.

How to Address Common Skin Problems For Men

The solutions to these skin concerns depend on the cause and the level of damage to the skin.

Here are some essential skin care tips:

  1. Prioritise overall nutrition. Have a well-balanced diet, loaded with a variety of nutritious food.
  2. Stay hydrated. Water can do wonders!
  3. Keep your skin clean. Wash it before going to bed.
  4. Wear sunscreen.
  5. Find a good moisturiser that works for your skin.
  6. Speak with a medical professional and request for an in-depth skin consultation. Doing this will provide the information necessary to address your skin concerns.

Skin Problems for Men: How We Can Help

At CST, we understand that procedures are not a one-size-fits-all; we create custom treatment plans for our patients. To solve these common skin problems for men, we may recommend one of our cosmetic injectables treatments including Skin Needling, Medical Grade Peels, Platelet-Rich Plasma or K Laser treatments.

Our skin can be quite perplexing; it can be vulnerable to damage when not properly looked after. When skin problems for men begin, they should be addressed right away. If you’re experiencing any concerns with your skin, please find a CST clinic near you. We’re always happy to help.

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