What To Expect When Having Dermal Lip Fillers

Lip Fillers

The lips are one of the most defining parts of a person’s face, so it’s not a surprise that many patients visit for lip enhancement treatments. Dermal Lip Fillers, in particular, has become a sought-after procedure to achieve a plumper, fuller and Instagram-worthy pout.

How Does Dermal Lip Fillers Work?

As we age, a naturally occurring sugar molecule in our skin declines. This molecule transports nutrients to the skin and acts as a lubricant to keep the surface moist and firm. Dermal fillers are made of injectable gels that mimic the functions of the sugar molecule. When injected into the lips, the result is more volume, improved symmetry and enhanced contour.

What To Do Before The Treatment

Prep Your Psyche

Ask yourself why you want to have the procedure. At CST, we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to feel confident in their skin and if having lip fillers will make you feel positive about yourself, then it’s worth considering going to the next step.

Choose The Right Medical Professional

Dermal lip fillers treatment should be administered only by qualified medical professionals. Choose one that has a vast knowledge of facial anatomy and has undergone extensive training to perform the procedure with precision.

Consultation Is a Must

Consult with your medical professional and make sure you obtain all the information you need (e.g. process, side effects, what to expect and aftercare). Being experts on lip fillers, they should be able to answer all your questions about the treatment and recommend a customized treatment plan that will work to achieve the results you want.

What To Expect When Having Dermal Lip Fillers

  • Start with a clean, washed face, free from makeup.
  • The treatment is a cosmetic injectable procedure so they can apply a topical anaesthetic for numbing of the local area.
  • A qualified medical professional will then administer the treatment.
  • Within the first hour of the treatment, apply an ice pack on the lips to avoid bruising.
  • Itching, swelling and firmness on the lips is normal and generally settles within a couple of days.
  • Sleep with your head on elevated pillows as this can help reduce swelling.

Avoid the following with the next 24-48 hours after treatment:

  • Going to the gym to do strenuous exercise
  • Activities that stimulate blood flow to your face, such as headstands and facial massages
  • Intense high-temperature areas and activities (e.g. saunas, tanning sunbathing, hot tubs, or hot wax)
  • Applying makeup on your lips
  • Drinking alcohol and smoking

Contact Your Medical Professional Immediately If:

  • You develop a fever or chills.
  • The lips appear too red and hot to touch.
  • You feel severe or increasing pain.
  • There is intense burning or swelling.

If you’re interested in having a lip enhancement procedure to achieve the look you desire, please find a CST clinic near you. Our team of medical professionals can speak with you about our Dermal Filler Treatment.

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