What will The Cosmetic Industry Patient Experience Look Like, Post-COVID-19


Many businesses, including cosmetic or aesthetics clinics, are now reopening as the Government eases lockdown protocols. As the cosmetic injectables industry goes into full swing again, many business owners, medical professionals and patients wonder, what the future of the cosmetic industry will look like, post-COVID-19.

Aesthetic or Cosmetic Industry Post-COVID-19: Changes To Expect

With the pandemic still not over, and ‘corona-phobia’ understandably becoming widespread, there’s an inevitable change in the approach of the cosmetic injectables industry. It will impact the entire business, practice and patient experience as a whole. 

Here are some changes you can expect:

Virtual Consultations

Clinics who offer skin consultation services will now offer patients virtual/video consultations as a first option, instead of the previous in-clinic visit for initial and regular non-treatment appointments Patient reactions have been favourable to this change, due to the high level of convenience and privacy offered by virtual appointments.  Patients have valued the ability to speak with a medical professional face to face (using video technology) without the risk of exposure to viruses.

By Appointment Only Policy

Clinics will be very strict with taking only those with confirmed booked appointments. Walk-ins may not be allowed, and some would even implement a “one-in, one-out” rule to avoid patient overlap and overcrowding waiting rooms. 

The ‘New Normal’ Visits

Actual visits will feel quite different, as it will consist of even more stringent health and safety practices. Clinics implement these protocols to comply with Government standards.

Here Are Some Examples:

  • Temperature check for patients
  • Wearing of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) – masks, protective gloves and eyewear (Optional for patients/ Required for staff and medical professionals)
  • Patient appointments will be scheduled with increased time slots in between to provide adequate time to disinfect rooms after each treatment
  • Adherence to social distancing rules 

Boost In Marketing

There’s still a lot to discover about COVID-19, and people are understandably worried. Whether you’ve had regular cosmetic injectable treatments or are new to the service, you’d want to make sure it’s safe, especially during this time.

To educate and to provide patients with a sense of security, the cosmetic injectables industry post-COVID-19 will eagerly and aggressively invest in marketing (email, social media, advertising). It is an effective way to reach out to existing and potential patients and reassure them that with specific protocols in place, it’s indeed safe to and that all is business-as-usual. 

Only time will tell whether there’ll be an increase or decrease in demand for cosmetic treatments. For Cosmetic Skin Therapies, since we’ve reopened our Queensland, New South Wales and ACT locations, many patients have rebooked for treatments. It’s a clear indication that even if the cosmetic industry post-COVID-19 are going through necessary shifts in the way they operate, the interest in the service will never fade. 

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